How to Start a Business with Only Coffee

morning-coffee-with-money-sign-featOne of the main reasons to start a business is to make money. And when someone wants to start the business, using coffee at its core, what good would it be but a coffee shop! The coffee business is growing across the world in large numbers and it won’t be wrong to say, it is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world, and has been, since a long time. And if one wants to bathe in the entrepreneurial spirit, there’s no better time to start a coffee shop than now.

To start a coffee shop the following things need to be taken care of:

1)      Location: This is the most important factor for the success of the coffee shop. One may have the best coffee shop in the world, but if the prospective customers don’t see it, the chances of success for the shop will be slim.

The locations of the coffee shop for a higher probability of success should be:

  • On a commercial walking street
  • Next to a college or a  university
  • Downtown business district
  • In a large office space
  • Tourist areas experiencing high footfalls
  • Airports and Railway platforms
  • Shopping malls

2)      Design: Not only should the coffee shop have an attractive interior design, it should also be designed in such a way that it allows the service to be provided in an efficient and a fast manner, minimizing the wait time per customer. Slow and sloppy services definitely impact the sales along with upsetting the customers who may want to grab their cup real quick.

3)      Use of loyalty cards: Nothing drives sales better in a coffee shop, than the loyalty cards. The cards should be designed in such a way that they look good in the wallet of the customer and there is little wear and tear even after a year of use. And nothing delights the customer more than a free cup of coffee after his/her ninth cup.

4)      Promote multiple sales – A coffee shop can never make good profit if it continues serving just coffee. Coffee should be the prime driver to visit the shop for the customers, but to make the shop successful, coffee should not contribute to more than 40 % of the total weekly sales. The traditional coffee accompaniments like muffins, cookies, cakes should be close to the point of sale along with items such as sandwiches, and hot drinks to ensure multiple sales and better profitability.

5)      Taste: If the menu served in the coffee shop is meaningless, the customer will end up buying a coffee house, rather than a cappuccino or a latte.  And the difference in price between these coffees is pure profit. And to make this profit, the drink served, must really taste good. If the customer was not served the right coffee, the customer won’t enjoy that excitement, disappointing him/her to the extent that he/she might never return to the shop. Besides, just the sales of regular coffee, might also result in lower revenues and lower customer satisfaction, thus failing to provide the customer with a compelling reason to return to the shop on a daily basis.


These are some of the important tricks to ensure that the coffee chain runs not only successfully, but continues to prosper in terms of profitability. Agreed, that starting a coffee shop is hard work, but for an entrepreneur, it is equivalent to living a dream and with the right ingredients as mentioned up there, there is no reason why a business can’t be made successful around coffee.


Behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee

How to make Coffee Tiramisu

In Italy, meals are usually finished, with a bite of fresh fruits rather than an indulgence in desserts. Desserts after meals are such a rarity, that they mark a special occasion. Maybe that’s the reason why, Italian desserts are always presented lavishly, with quite indulging ingredients and having unique flavor combinations, such that they pleasure the taste buds beyond words.Due to the attention to the fine details that the Italians pay, their desserts are getting a lot of attention. And among the all the popular Italian Desserts, Tiramisu is definitely the most favorite.


Tiramisu, the masterpiece of Italian cooking, is an elegant and a rich dessert having a velvety and a soft texture which provides a luxurious treat to those connoisseurs of food.  This dessert literally translates to ‘Pick Me Up’ and there is a story as to why it means so. The dish is so named because of the two irresistible caffeinated ingredients present in the dessert, espresso and cocoa, which would simply swoon the taster of his feet, making him want more. Truth or not, the world is not complaining and people just love their tiramisu

How to make Tiramisu?


  • 16 oz mascarpone cheese
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 5 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • Black coffee (Freshly powdered preferred)
  • Lady Fingers cookies
  • Whipped cream
  • Cocoa powder to dust


1)      Making the Mascarpone Cream-

  • Mix the egg yolks with sugar (1 tbsp sugar per egg yolk).

Note: Tiramisu uses raw eggs and hence eggs need to be fresh

  • Whisk the eggs until a whitish mixture gets formed
  • Once the mixture looks fluffy, creamy and has a rich texture, add mascarpone cheese in small quantities, while continuing to whisk it, to make sure granular lumps don’t get formed.

2)      Preparation of the base-

  • Prepare a regular black coffee and allow it to cool down until it reaches the room temperature.
  • Finely chop the chocolate, such that it can be sprinkled on top of the Tiramisu

3)      Putting it together:

  • It is time to assemble this awesome dessert. And this assembly requires the use of lady fingers. Dip the lady fingers in the coffee, such that they get entirely covered and place them up in a glass baking pan.

Note: Dip the lady fingers and take them out quickly, as the cookies tend to break, if they are dipped in the coffee for too long.

  • Cover the lady fingers with a generous layer of freshly made mascarpone cream. Smooth it out with a spatula to make the mixture look voluminous.
  • Dust the cocoa powder on top of this layer of mascarpone cream. If one likes, one can add pieces of dark chocolate on top of the cocoa powder, just to give the layer that extra crunch.
  • Repeat the process of adding layer after layer, until you reach the top of the glass.
  • Whip the cream over the top of the final layer and finish it off by a generous dusting of sugar and chocolate.

4)      Serving Instruction:

Place the Tiramisu in the fridge for around 4-5 hours before serving. This makes the cookies soak up the coffee and the other flavors, just making this dessert taste so heavenly.

This is a simple way of preparing the Tiramisu. Though the Italians might be having the Tiramisu during festival celebrations, one may not have to wait that long to consume this dessert and they can make it, right in their homes using the above mentioned simple recipe.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not! ~Author Unknown