5 Ways To Increase Coffee Sales Profits

Coffee has proven to be the priceless daily dose of morning freshness that no other drink can offer. No, we cannot buy happiness, but we can buy quality, earthy-flavoured coffee that will awake all our senses instantaneously; and that is close to happiness, don’t you think so?

Since forever, coffee has been considered the most popular drink in every corner of the globe, but as coffee industry has been moving forward progressively, competition on the global market has been also increasing with the same pace, making the coffee selection a complex and demanding task for passionate coffee drinkers. As a result, there is a countless number of coffee sellers/retailers today, so carving good reputation and profit among the massive global competition is definitely not a piece of cake.

Yes, it is absolutely true that you cannot aim toward success if you do not work with high-quality products that will meet customers’ personal taste and preferences. Same applies for coffee itself. Having a superior quality coffee in your product offer is the key feature to attract coffee fans to come to you. Remember that if you have achieved to make customers reach your shop among all your competitors, you are definitely on the right track, doing the right job.

Take a look at the 5 effective ways to increase the traffic and grow your coffee business by selling high-quality coffee.

  • Offer Your Customers High-Priced Drinks

First and foremost, start your mission by selling customers high-priced coffee drinks, like espresso drinks. Believe it or not, profit realizations on espresso drinks tend to be fascinating 5 times higher than the drip-coffee drinks. Hence, to start ‘pumping up’ your bank account, think of offering your customers free latte or cappuccino shots to get them to switch. Aim toward the following ratio: 70% in espresso sales and 30% in coffee sales.

  •  Put All Branded Espresso-Based Drinks At The Top Of Your Menu

At your cafe, another highly important thing to consider is placing your most expensive, branded coffee drinks at the top of your offer. Since espresso-based drinks hold the best price (especially branded ones) and they are commonly sought by regular coffee drinkers, make sure to put them on the very first page of your bountiful coffee menu. The truth is, most people never go through the entire menu, so why missing out the opportunity to sell your most expensive coffee drinks that will significantly boost the revenue.

  • Give Your Customers Free Coffee-Flavour Shots Every Time They Make An Order

By implementing this special novelty to your business, you will boost not only the customer’s overall price, but your profit as well. For example, it is always a good idea to think of a flavour that will correspond to the particular season or holiday, like pumpkin flavour at Thanksgiving and peppermint spice at Christmas holidays.

  • Give Your Coffee Drinks Unique Names

Originality and innovation is what brings success to the business, so another great idea to ensure the profit is to give your quality coffee drinks authentic names that cannot be found in your competitors’ menu. Be creative and raise the curiosity in customers. It is a win-win combination.

  • ‘Update’ Your Menu With New Coffee Drinks And Recipes Continuously

Once you have created your coffee menu, it does not mean that you have to stop there. Instead, be always in up-to-date with latest trends and novelties coming from the world of coffee and try to implement them in your business. Coffee enthusiasts are always curious and interested for new coffee experiences, so make sure you have such in your offer.

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