Choosing a Good Location for a Café

Over the past few years, the United Kingdom has embraced café culture with open arms. With Italy and France being ragingly popular for their chic and urban cafes, there might only be a few streets in UK devoid of a Starbucks or Costa outlet. Gone are the days when pubs were the only statement in the food industry. People are now showing immense interest in visiting independent and boutique cafes on a regular basis. For all those coffee enthusiasts, who want to start up their own chain of cafes, this is just the right time.

A number of factors come into play when it reaches down to starting up one’s own business, be it a coffee shop or an IT company. From the amount you invest to the services you are willing to provide, everything will have a decisive role to play.

All About Choosing a Good Location for a Cafe

Talking about opening a café, choosing a good location is the foremost thing that one must do. How? Given below are some quick tips.

All About Choosing the Right Location for Your Café:

Know the Neighbourhood and Choose a Hotspot: This is the first thing that you must consider prior to finalising a location for your café. Get to know the neighbourhood. Keep an open mind at the possible encounters and a keen eye on the people around you, who may be your prospective consumers. Try to understand the traffic pattern that your café might see once it has been inaugurated. Also, make sure you choose an area that isn’t too secluded or way too crowded. Opt for an area within your city’s hotspot perimeter. Simultaneously, make sure that it isn’t just at the central location of the area. This will give you an access to a good number of regular customers. The idea is to keep the café mainstream yet away from the hustle so that both sects of people, the mavericks and the peace-lovers, can enjoy some freshly brewed coffee at your café.

Watch Your Competition: This is another important aspect of choosing a location for a café. Make it a point to check out all the competitive cafes in the area beforehand. This will help you make out the things that you should pay attention to, in order to stay infront of the league.

Cafe-LocationAccessibility and Visibility: Easy to access and visible; this is the third rule in the book. You will see that most of the good cafes in your neighbourhood are visible from a distance. The roads that connect to your café should be in good condition. No one should be made to walk down the potholes to reach their favourite coffee.

Get to Know the Targeted Consumers: For any business to flourish, it is necessary that one understands the consumers properly. Try to understand the targeted market, whether you will be able to offer good services to them at the location or not. This plays an essential role in determining if a location is good and effective.

Be Size Wise: Whenever you go out to look for a property for your café, try imagining it completely equipped. Empty spaces might seem attractive at first, but with kitchen counters, serving stations and furniture, you might not even be left with enough walking space. If you have a handsome budget in hand, choose a property that is spacious enough. For those who want to set up the business on a shoestring budget, opting for a moderate sized property is the best thing to do. You can always come up with DIY spacing saving ideas later.

Take Some Inspiration:

If you have no clue about where to start from, I would suggest you to go out and look for properties near areas like universities, schools, IT hubs, corporate companies or shopping malls. These locations will never fail you!

Try out these pointers and you’ll be glad that you used them seeing the response that your café will experience. Oh! Yes – make sure your coffee is just as delicious as your café is beautiful!