Choosing Your First Commercial Grinder

If you have already started making the list of must-haves for your soon-to-be-open coffee shop, then you must have put ‘grinder’ at the top of your priorities. And you have done it right. Working with a good and versatile grinder in your coffee shop is the key to delicious cup of coffee, so you need to make sure that you are making the very best decision when it comes to purchasing a commercial coffee grinder.

$_86No matter how easy it may seem, the truth is, finding the grinder that will ideally match all your coffee-grinding needs is not a piece of cake. Why? Because there are just so many things to think about, so many things to consider and even one wrong step can take you to the wrong grinder, which will certainly not contribute to the success of your coffee shop.

It is always easier to make a good selection when being given a hand by someone who already has the essential knowledge and experience. Since we do have it, here is a little help for you to choose your first commercial grinder.


  • Think of the type of coffee shop you have and its coffee-grinding needs.

When we say ‘type of coffee shop’, we refer to the size and the capacity of your coffee shop. Or, simply put – how many coffee drinks you are expecting to serve per day? Normally, a ‘busy’ coffee shop sells more than 200 coffee beverages on a daily basis, so if you already know your clientele and are sure about the quality of your coffee beans, you can freely go for a larger commercial grinder. If you are starting from zero, meaning that you do not have any expected customers, it is better to go for a smaller commercial grinder that can provide your coffee shop with 50-100 coffees per day. Of course, these numbers can also vary depending on two other important factors:  the size of your coffee shop and its location.


  • Choose the model of commercial grinder depending on the size of your café.

If you are opening a smaller coffee shop, or maybe a bakery or a donut shop, then you definitely need a grinder with smaller grinding capacities – not more than 50 coffee drinks a day. For this purpose, you need to look for a 58mm burr-set commercial grinder that you can find in both online and offline stores for coffee-shop equipment. But, it you are aiming big and you are quite sure that you will be selling more than 100 coffee beverages per day, you need to move to a bigger coffee-grinding machine. We suggest buying a two-group espresso machine that will be paired with a 64-65mm commercial grinder.


  • Choose a grinder with bigger burrs.

Having a commercial grinder with bigger burs on the countertop of your café will give you the brilliant opportunity to have your espresso shot ready for only few seconds. For example, a burr-set of 58mm will need more than 10 seconds to make a double-shot espresso, while with a burr-set of 68mm, your double shot of espresso will be ready for approximately 6 seconds.

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