How To Select Quality Coffee Beans

When it comes to coffee, there is so much beyond than what we see in the cup. Coffee seems like the simplest drink in the world, but it is not actually. There are many important stages that need to be successfully completed before this dark, earthy-flavoured liquid that represents life and energy in one, enters its final destination – the human body.


Obviously, you need the right tools to make a cup of amazingly fine coffee, but be informed that no coffee-making equipment will compensate for poor-quality coffee beans or even worse, stale coffee beans. Thus, to ensure an excellent coffee flavour and aroma, first and most important, you need to get a good-quality beans, since mediocre and bad coffee is absolutely everywhere around. And you absolutely do not need such an experience.

Although the taste of coffee offered by the coffee beans it is said to be a matter of personal preference, there are still few ‘unwritten’ rules about choosing quality coffee beans.


  • There have been some ‘new models’ of coffee beans that appeared on the market lately, but basics remain the same; there are two primary types of coffee beans – Arabica and Robusta. As an experienced roaster, brewer and coffee-maker, I suggest you to go for Arabica. Arabica coffee beans make a much better choice for fresh-roasted coffee than Robusta beans, which are commonly used in commercial (branded) coffees.


  • If you do not have any coffee-bean related background, in terms of: what are the best coffee-growing regions, or what are their characteristics, then you should get some knowledge. Why? Because pre-coffee knowledge is vital for making the right selection of coffee beans. Imagine being in front of an endless offer of different coffee-bean varieties and you have no idea where to start from. For example, it is always good to know that Brazil is world-renowned for exporting the highest quality coffee beans in the industry, while the Columbian coffee is the most popular among the commercial coffee companies.


  • One great tip on boosting your coffee knowledge and ensuring a good coffee-bean selection is to try/taste an already roasted bean. Do not forget to ask the seller for how long the bean has been roasted. The reason why I am giving accent to this is because recently (fresh) roasted coffee beans have a huge impact on coffee’s overall aroma and of course, flavour.


  • Another ‘must-know’ is that you should never, ever buy coffee beans just because others are telling you what you MUST like. That is a big no-no. After all, drinking homemade coffee is a matter of deep, personal experience. Do not forget that there is the right coffee for each of us and that is the good news that you should stick to. Trust your instincts when it comes to your preferred coffee taste – whether you like a full-bodied, a mild, a winy, a nutty or a floral-tasting coffee. Be free to experiment with different coffee beans and make your own blend, if possible, as long as maximum pleasure is guaranteed.




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