5 biggest coffee mistakes you can avoid

We all love coffee; most of us cannot start our day without a perfect cup of coffee. In spite of being among the best beverages, coffee can harm you in many ways. But these mistakes can easily be avoided thus making your coffee harmless:

  • Dirty equipment: You should always make sure that all the equipment’s you use are washed thoroughly, leaving no traces of soap or dirt. Usually sieves and cups are mistakenly dirty which can give your coffee a foul taste as well as harm your health. So clean and hygienic equipment are a must first of all. The cleaner your equipment, the more you will enjoy your coffee.
  • Old beans: Sometimes using stale coffee beans gives you a disgusting cup. The beans you buy will stay fresh for only 1 to 2 weeks. Beans older than that are considered to be stale and should not be used for making coffee. Old coffee beans can irritate your stomach and cause other stomach-intestine related problems, so save yourself and buy new beans today!
  • Using too much of coffee: the coffee to water ratio should always be taken into consideration, otherwise it may result in either bitter taste of your cup due to too much of coffee, and if you add too little of it you will get a weak, watery coffee. Coffee professionals recommend 2 tablespoons per 6-8 ounces of water. Everyone knows coffee contains caffeine hence more amount can make you addicted.
  • Improper water temperature: Coffee should always be done at the right temperature. If the water is too hot, you can scald your coffee, and if it’s too low, the flavours will be mellow. So water should be just below its boiling point (100 degree centigrade) to give it the perfect texture and taste and to save your tasters from burning their tongue!
  • Impure water: water is tasteless, but carefully examining we come to know that your tap water contains a taste of minerals, which will add to the taste of your coffee, so it is always recommended to use pure boiled spring water or filtered water for making your coffee without any added flavours of water.

5 biggest coffee mistakes you can avoid These are tested tricks that can enhance the flavours of your coffee. And you can drink it without any fear of getting addicted or getting sick. You might be making a great cup of coffee already, but if you do not consider these points try taking into account these for once and then see how you already amazing coffee become better than ever. Even if you do not find a major difference in the taste, the health factor has surely gone up and that’s our promise!