The Importance Of Coffee Flavour For Your Sales

Being involved in the coffee industry by successfully running a coffee shop requires a lot more than just tremendous passion and love for coffee. Okay, let’s say that having a ‘coffee’ blood type is one of the main constituents to be a proud owner of a booming coffee business, but the truth is, that is not all you need.


So, you have opened your coffee shop at the same time with that guy who opened his own on the other side of the street, but it hurts to see the line of customers waiting their coffee to go in front of his coffee shop, while you are mostly engaged by cleaning the windows or reading newspapers in your own. And you have spent a fortune to open a coffee shop. The question is: ‘What is wrong here?’ What does the other guy has that you don’t, so that he runs his coffee shop more successfully than you do?

Have you ever thought that maybe the answer lies in coffee flavour? Are you sure that your coffee beans are coming from where you are told they come from? What techniques and equipment you use in making the coffee you sell to your customers? Answering these few questions will help you understand why coffee flavour is the key factor that determines whether your coffee shop will be full of people who love your coffee, or not.

If you are already a coffee-shop owner, or you are planning to become one, an essential thing to know is that blending coffee beans of different origins will result in a cup of coffee with non-standard acidity and flavor characteristics. This is what directly affects the trade. Moreover, blending different coffee-making techniques will also give the same output, while your mission is to maintain constant quality, right? The truth is, there are more than 100 major coffee-growing regions in the world and each of these regions produces coffee beans that feature distinctive characteristics, that obviously, makes proper blending a vital step for best coffee-flavour results.

The common, yet major mistake most of coffee-shop owners make is practicing the ‘blending-before-roasting’ principle in their coffee shop, which leads to strange, rather unattractive coffee flavour. Therefore, the correct principle is ‘blending-and-roasting-together’, as this is how the distinctive aromas of the coffee beans will homogenize during roasting.


To release the desired and expected aroma, special attention needs to be paid to the roasting procedure, something that many coffee-shop owners neglect. They usually prefer to perform roasting by themselves, without respecting the unwritten rule in the world of coffee that a good roaster should be half artist and half scientist to maintain the coffee consistency and quality. Thus, in developing coffee’s unique flavour, roasting carries the most out of importance of all coffee-preparation steps. Keep in mind that well-roasted coffee is always brown and never black. The coffee that had not been sufficiently roasted will offer rough and astringent flavour, while the black, over-roasted coffee tastes bitter and unpleasant.

Now you are equipped with the basics of understanding the importance of coffee flavour for your sales. Use them and make your coffee shop the most successful one in your city.


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